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Finnegan Realtors is happy to help you find the right lender for your specific needs!

If you are in the beginning stages of buying a home, call us and let us assist you with finding the right company for you!

Fortunately there are a variety of mortgages to choose from.  In your best interest, investigate each one of them to determine which is the best option for your situation.  Speaking with a Mortgage Loan Representative will help you along the way with the mortgage that will meet your individual needs.

  • Fixed-Rate Mortgages -  Consider a fixed rate mortgage if you plan on living in your new home for many years and you prefer to know how much your payments will be each month.
  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgages -  Consider an adjustable rate if you are comfortable with some risk with your money or if you plan short term ownership of your new home.
  • The Convertible Arm -  Consider a convertible arm which combines the advantage of an ARM with a fixed rate after a pre-determined number of years.
  • FHA and VA Loan -  Consider a government loan if you meet the qualifications, such as you are a Veteran or would qualify for a lower-income loan.

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